Fear of being left behind

You know how you have an idea of things like you’ve envisioned them so many times, people keep telling you that it’s going to be this way or that way and you build up this

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How I worked on my ADHD

Being the only girl in the family and coming from a middle-class background, my parents had high expectations for me to live up to. They spent a lot of time, money, and effort making sure

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When the pain makes me hurt myself

TW : I had a very difficult childhood. My mother was always busy with office work. She rarely used to be at home. While my father stayed at home, as much as I remember he

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I cried with my face in the muck

It was a two-story home on the hill, separated from the town, with youngsters lounging all over the place, smoking up, lying on the floors of the bathrooms, making out on the staircases, and dancing

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