Celebrating Vulnerability

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To be vulnerable, is to be real. Although, vulnerability comes under the dark feminine energy, it is most sophisticated and raw. It takes grace, to allow oneself to express their most authentic being out into the world, and not regret it later. It is often wronged with shame and guilt, but I personally think, it takes a lot of over analysis and self sabotaging, yeah, self sabotaging , before we can even begin to encounter something as vivid as that.

It is an emotion, just like love, but underrated. Have you ever felt like you over shared something so personally equipped to being your darkest secret and then fell into an incessant pool of regret later? Right. We all did at some point. But, think of it this way, every time, you let an ecstatic confetti of you into the world, you’re letting a piece from your ecstatic being go immortal. Every time you do something out of the most exquisite and darkest secret of your existence, you pave the way for something more evolving and lovable. Ummm, how again? Let me site you with a real life example. Selena Gomez, released her documentary, “My mind and me” that completely dwells and insights on celebrating vulnerability. It is in those moments, that is she found herself. The essence of her true being, profoundly. So, the next time, you find yourself drowning in a lower vibrational frequency, remember to feel it, celebrate it, and let the world take a piece of your soul in it. Like I said in the beginning, to be vulnerable, is to be real.

Shikha Punjarla

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