A Better Lifestyle : Change Begins from Within

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Every day, you go through a cycle of habits and behaviors that influence your brains in such a way that you learn new things from those encounters.

Mostly you force your brain to learn particular activities, such as not investing our self-worth in little things and loving ourselves. However, the rest of the time it obviously slides through the cracks of relief in our hectic schedules. When you are not fully aware of what your brain is deducing and learning from a certain event. 

You don’t even realize you’ve formed a practice of reading the news every morning to keep up with what’s going on in the world, but we forget the fact that 90% of the news these days is depressingly bad, and starting our day with it, might cause us to be glum and disinterested for the rest of the day. It can raise our chances of acquiring post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, and depression. There’s fresh evidence that the emotional aftermath of news coverage can have an effect on our physical health, raising our odds of having a heart attack and developing health problems years later.

It might not seem like a big deal, but behaviours like not cleaning our rooms every day and leaving things lying about in them prepare us to feel overwhelmed by an unstructured environment. It is tough to give up ingrained routines and maintain attention when this is present, according to scientific research.

Over analyzing out of displeasure with what others have said or could say. These habits, which we formed as children, appear to be immutable, yet they must be drastically altered since failing to do so might result in serious anxiety and concerns with self-worth.

Additional bad behaviours can include overeating under pressure, passing judgment on others, using friends or other relations to only help you do your task, and not listening to those who have different pectives than your own.

It is obviously impossible to list every one of these behaviours, but I hope I have at least gotten you to think about what could be wrong with yours. This isn’t meant to make you feel awful about what you’ve been doing for years or what you call as your comfort habits or aspect of your personality, but to raise your awareness so you may view this as a chance to experience life in a different way.

This is your cue to recognize how much control we have over the course of our lives and the outcomes, and how bringing awareness to our seemingly little actions and making a small adjustment in them can transform us into better people with greater success and pleasure.

It’s simple to lose control when change occurs too quickly. People have strong emotional ties to the past. Too many individuals have become unbalanced by the past’s supersonic pace and are fighting the future. as a single person we think we can not make a change in our society but yet we can by understanding, Introspecting, and implementing to shift our lives not just for our sake but for the society we’ve been thriving to live in. AS THE CHANGE STARTS FROM WITHIN.

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