Meltdown, unknotting is safe

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I was going to tell them precisely how I felt, but a knot in my throat, tears in my eyes, and a sinking hollow in my stomach stopped me. I knew he’d been cheating on me the whole time, and I didn’t want to cry in front of him to show how much this split had hurt me. I ran from there and never tried to contact him but still, nothing felt right. In my free time all I did was lay in my bed and just cry till I slept. I tried to load myself with work to distract myself from that person’s thoughts. I kept running away from my thoughts and emotion until one day when I was having a meltdown on the roof of my terrace and met this woman who very genially told me that “fixating on someone who’s proven themselves unavailable to be with you is an inner child still longing for the approval of their primary caretakers” no one would believe how relieved I felt after hearing that statement. It saved me. I started seeing a therapist the next day even though it took me a while to find the right one for me but the wait was worth it. It helped me get out of despair, taught me how to stand up for myself, and helped me go through a breakup and rebuild my life, By now, I view it as an exercise that helps me do things in my daily life and live the way I want to live.

If you’re having trouble focusing on daily tasks after a breakup, if you’re withdrawing from people, or if you can’t stop romanticizing your previous relationship, you might consider seeking help from a mental health expert. One of the most crucial reasons for how difficult it is to deal with a breakup is that our brain might react to breakups in a dysfunctional way. Extreme emotional anguish is seen by our brain as physical agony. As a result, a breakup causes physiological changes that are equivalent to physical agony.

After a breakup, therapy is a safe place to examine your inner sorrow. During therapy, I felt assisted in identifying and developing more adaptive coping methods, such as problem-focused coping, self-reflection, and relaxation techniques. As a consequence, a client learns to concentrate on self-improvement, deal with present situations, and apply these beneficial solutions to future challenges.


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